Meet the Founder

nicole_newman_lotus_padmasana_flute_head_shot_yoga_poseNicole is a Juilliard-trained classical flutist and Curriculum Developer, who earned a B.A. in Psychology from NYU and a M.A. in Education from Queens College through the NYC Teaching Fellows Program.

Nicole is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Educator, who continues to pursue her study of anatomy to refine her understanding of the human body’s structure and how it relates to movement and breath.

After developing scoliosis, a complex three-dimensional deformity of the spine, exacerbated by countless hours of flute practice over many years, Nicole dedicated herself to the transformative science and art of yoga to realign her spine and strengthen the muscles supporting her back.  She now breathes and moves without pain or discomfort and is committed to sharing this practice with fellow artists.

After speaking with musicians of all ages, Nicole realized that she was not alone. Many musicians develop physical problems from long hours of practice. Unfortunately, the warning signs of  performance-related injuries are often not explicitly taught during music instruction, resulting in debilitating chronic pain that could have been avoided.

Since all body movement is directed and coordinated by our nervous system, taming the mind and reframing negative thought patterns is paramount to an artist’s success. Nicole understands that a consistent low-grade “fight-or-flight” response to chronic pain and stress is an obstacle to healing. This incessant undercurrent of stress perpetuates muscle tension, poor circulation, impaired digestion and shallow breathing, depriving the body of oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal health.

Nicole emphasizes the art of vinyasa, the synchronization of breath and movement. Learning to control the breath calms and clears the mind to cultivate a relaxed, yet focused concentration that reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries and re-educates the body to replace debilitative tension-holding patterns with healthier movement habits. Nicole’s goal is to empower artists to fully inhabit their bodies so they can live healthier, happier and more productive musical lives.

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The way you hold your body is the way you mold your body.